Thursday, June 07, 2007

Walking Wash Park

Last Sunday I took a little stroll around Wash Park to stretch my legs. Naturally I toted the camera along - I still need to justify the expense to myself. Thankfully I got a few decent snaps.

This dog broke free from his owner and took off on every dog's dream - a wild goose chase! He had a great time of it, with his owner in pusuit yelling after him.
In case you were wondering, the dog's name is "Baby Boy". Who names their dog that?

This was the only gosling I saw all day. I stalked him for the better part of twenty minutes trying to get a close up shot. It's not easy getting closeups of wildlife with a wide-angle lens!

Some people on a bench gave this squirrel a Skittle. Not exactly healthy, but he really seemed to like it.
He must have been fearless, engrossed, or hoping for more - he let me within three feet to take this shot.

Come on, gimme a Skittle!

I'm crazy squirrel guy, gimme some candy!

He sat up and twitched his tail at me for about twenty seconds, but his sudden onset of cuteness still did not score him a Skittle.

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nicki0731 said...

Who needs flower and puppy pictures where there are skittle-mongering squirrels to photograph? Some fun shots there, and I think the camera purchase is TOTALLY justified.
BTW - my word verification was pegcugm, I can totally pronounce that one!