Monday, April 17, 2006

Which way to the dinosaurs?

Since I started walking to work again, I've naturally come into contact with a lot more random people. Usually they just want directions, or maybe pocket change, but a couple weeks ago I ran into a somewhat more interesting fellow...

Homeless Guy: "Hey, do you know where Jurassic Park is?"

Me: "Ummm, I think it's off the coast of Central America."

Him: "It's at 6th and Curtis."

Me: "No, I really think it's off Costa Rica, Isla Nublar or something like that."

Him: "No it's not. It's at 6th and Curtis."

Me: (giving up the Costa Rica argument) "Well, I don't think 6th and Curtis ever intersect."

Him: "Yes they do. If I keep going this way will I get there?"

Me: "Well, if they did intersect, which they don't, it would be in the other direction."

At this point he walked off in the direction he had been going.

Denver may not be New York but we do have some interesting people, for better or for worse.

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